Custom Illustrations

Interested in commissioning a one-of-a-kind piece? I'd love to create one for you!

All custom orders will arrive in a beautiful gift box and packaging!



8 x 10" illustrations start at $150 + shipping

11 x 14" illustrations start at $200 + shipping

$75 each additional person, $50 per pet 

$20 splash of color background

$35 simple background

$50 and up, detailed background

High-resolution digital copy upon request!



Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for design time, and an extra few days for shipping!

1. Email me at for a quote and include this information:

  • What kind of design you're interested in (engagement, wedding couple, bridal portrait, girlfriends, fashion portrait, family portrait, pet, etc)
  • How many people in the piece?
  • Do you want a background?
  • Attach a photo or two for me to use as reference
  • Any design changes (your hair is a different color now, you want to be wearing something different, you want a different background, etc)

2. When we agree on a design and price, I will send you a Paypal invoice and you checkout. Now the fun begins! :)

3. I create your sketch and email it to you for approval. You can have up to three revisions.

4. I paint your illustration and ship it to you! 

5. (Optional) If you requested a digital copy of your illustration, I email you the high-resolution file!

6. Tell your friends and share on Instagram (tag me @karashleydesign) if you love your new illustration! :)



Custom Illustration Phone Cases

This is an add-on service to your custom illustration!

1. Have your fabulous custom illustration made (see process above)!

2. I create a digital copy of your illustration. Let me know what kind of phone you have, and if you want to keep your background, or have a transparent one.

3. I upload it to Casetify and send you the link to checkout!

Custom Monogram Phone Cases

FREE design service for purchasing your case!

1. Email me to have your custom design created! Include the letters in the order you want them to appear, your color choices and your phone type (iPhone, galaxy, etc)

2. I will upload the design and send you the link to checkout on Casetify!