Free U.S. shipping on orders over $100!

Custom Illustrations

Interested in commissioning a one-of-a-kind piece? I'd love to create one for you!
All custom orders will arrive in a beautiful gift box and packaging. 


8 x 10" illustrations start at $150 + shipping
11 x 14" illustrations start at $200 + shipping
$100 each additional person, $50 per pet 
$20 splash of color background
$50 simple background
$100 and up, detailed background
High-resolution digital copy upon request!


Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for design time, and an extra few days for shipping.

1. Email me at for a quote and include this information:

    • What kind of design you're interested in (engagement, wedding couple, bridal portrait, girlfriends, fashion portrait, family portrait, pet, etc)
    • How many people in the piece?
    • Do you want a background?
    • Attach a photo or two for me to use as reference
    • Any design changes (your hair is a different color now, you want to be wearing something different, you want a different background, etc)
    • US or International shipping

2. When we agree on a design and price, I will send you an invoice and you checkout.

3. I create your sketch and email it to you for approval. You can have up to three revisions.

4. I create your illustration and ship it to you.

5. (Optional) If you requested a digital copy of your illustration, I email you the high-resolution file.

6. Tell your friends and share on Instagram (tag me @karashleydesign) if you love your new illustration! 




This is an add-on service to your custom illustration!
1. Have your fabulous custom illustration made (see process above).
2. I create a digital copy of your illustration. Let me know what kind of phone you have, and if you want to keep your background, or have a transparent one.
3. I upload it to Casetify and send you the link to checkout!